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The Romanian Trade Register

Regarding its organizational structure, the Trade Register shall be kept by “The Trade Register Office”, which is organized in every county and in Bucharest, near the local trial court.
Nationwide, the central trade register is the National Trade Register Office, which is operating near Bucharest Law Court.
In the interest of the society, the law establishes the rules by which the commercial activity takes place. Among these rules, are those relating to the registration of a merchant in official records, which contain the essential information required and also, about the acts and facts of their trade with implications in their commercial activity.
By pooling these data, The Trade Register is an official database regarding the registered traders which can be accessed by any person who is interested.
For the third parties who would like to establish business relationships with a merchant, The Trade Register is a reliable source of information about the quality of that trader.
According to legal regulation, the traders are obliged to register in The Trade Register, and, also, seek the same form in the Register of mentions relating to acts and facts provided by law.
By registration in The Trade Register it is ensured their enforceability against third parties.
The recordings are based either on a ruling belonging to a deputy judge, or by an irrevocable court order, given after an examination made by a clerk or a Trade Register judge.
These steps are necessary in case of setting up a Romanian company, a business corporation, a merger, a cession of social shares, changing the company headquarters or any clauses written in the Incorporation Act, of opening a branch in Romania by a foreign trader which has its head office in the European Union or outside EU.
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