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New Anti-Crisis Measures taken by the Romanian Government

By the Emergency Ordinance no. 92/2009 the Romanian Government had taken same new measures for ease the effects of the world economic crisis.
By this Emergency Ordinance the companies that have debts to the revenue authority will receive a tax deferral at most for 6 months.
For a company to receive this type of tax deferral must compliance with the following combining terms and conditions:
Not recorded any fiscal debts at 30 September 2008
Had registered all the tax returns
Doesn’t have any fiscal offenses
Its leadership hasn’t been held responsible under the Bankruptcy legislation or under the fiscal regulation.
The company that is interested to obtain a tax deferral must submit a request at the revenue authority. This request will be resolve in 15 days by the revenue authority.
In 15 days after the revenue authority accept the request the company must provide a security in the form of a written guarantee from a bank or any other goods for establishing insurer’s measures.
These types of security must cover the full fiscal debts and also the default interest.
The tax deferral will lost their validity in the following cases:
If the company fails to pay its fiscal debts that have the term of payment after the tax deferral is accepted.
If the company fails to provide the security
The tax deferral is granted once in a fiscal year.

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