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We are a team of Romanian lawyers characterized by experience, efficiency, confidentiality and passion for what we do.


Our goal is the Client’s satisfaction regarding the services they require, but at the same time our fulfilment for the same results.


 We continuously invest in training and improving the team to provide high quality professional legal services which are essential in the relationship with our Clients.


 If you choose to work with us you will discover our commitment to success, unity and professionalism. 

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 We provide verbal or written advice on legal matters concerning legal opinions, drafting legal documents (contracts, agreements, statutes, regulations etc.) and any other present case that the Client brings us to resolve.

 Legal applications
 Preparation and wording of any claims, notifications, statements or petitions to Romanian authorities, institutions, natural persons or entities, in the name and/or interest of our Clients and in order to protect their legitimate rights and interests.    


Assistance and representation
We offer, with professionalism and diplomacy, assistance and representation before Romanian Courts of any level, Romanian public authorities and institutions.

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Because we are always ready to provide high professional legal services, from consultations and legal claims to legal assistance and representation, from mediation and conciliation to representation in front of Romanian Courts of all degrees.

Because we have established partnerships with public notaries, with bailiff offices and other experts from various fields of activity and with other independent professionals.

Because only with us you will find the diligence of a good professional that respects the Romanian Law and Code of Ethics of the Romanian Lawyers Profession, that is why we invite you to collaborate.

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